Salman Khan gives up booze to lose his belly fat for ‘Veer’

Looks like, Salman Khan has finally decided to make amends and undo the mistakes of his past. The actor is finally willing to acknowledge his mistakes. But before you start listing his umpteen personal shortcomings let us tell you, the actor is rectifying his professional wrongdoings.

Apparently, Salman has finally decided to acknowledge the bad reviews and reactions his forthcoming flick Veer’s promos are drawing. The film, that is also touted to be his brainchild, has been receiving much flak for Sallu’s brawny looks and shabby hairdo.

Story goes that Salman had huge hopes pinned on ‘Veer’ and was expecting to hear congratulatory calls from the industry. But what happened was the right opposite of appreciation, instead his look in the flick were mocked upon.

What’s made matters worse is was the fact that Aamir Khan unveiled his ‘Ghajini’ the same week Sallu released the first look of his movie. While Aamir’s look was raved about; Sallu appearance too became the talk of the town, only in a poke fun way.

So, now the actor has decided to go for a revamp altogether and will re-shoot the promos from scratch. But, before he starts re-shooting, the actor has decided to lose his bulk.

A news daily quoted a source as saying, “He has realised that the first look is very important for his film. He doesn`t want to bulk up anymore, instead wants to get more toned.”

The actor has also given up drinking to get rid of that booze belly.

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